Safeguarding sound and image collections

Training course by ICCROM (International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property) and NRLC (National Research Laboratory for Conservation of Cultural Property) of Lucknow.

Place : New Delhi (India)
Dates: 17 November-11 December, 2009 (4 weeks)
Working language: English
Application deadline: 20 April, 2009

The course will deal with various issues related to the preservation and access of sound and image collections (photographs, films, video and audiotapes, digital material) :

  • value, meaning, selection and use of sound and image collections;
  • identification and preservation of various formats;
  • documenting and cataloging, media handling and storage;
  • risk assessment and emergency preparedness and response;
  • digitization, digital preservation and management;
  • access, copyright laws, legal deposit, etc.

More informations and application :

One response to “Safeguarding sound and image collections

  1. Hello, this is a really great initiative. I wanted to introduce myself. I am Ellen, project manager for the Archive Education Research Institute. Among our ideas are to pluralize the archival field by keeping track of emerging trends among upcoming archival scholars in dialogue with more veteran archival thinkers. In addition, we are interested in building deeper relations with international communities thinking about archival practices and philosophies. I hope that we can stay in contact for future collaborations.

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